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Abstrakt is a ‘Sunday Brunch’ event, whose philosophy is “Art above all else!”

Sunday Brunch just got so much funkier!  With a nod to the great New York show bar eateries like Brandy’s Piano Bar and Don’t Tell Mamas. The artisan mecca of the capital, Camden Town, is the perfect back drop for the launch of  Abztrakt Sunday Brunch.

world premier of former Soul II Soul & The Shamen diva, Victoria Wilson James’ dazzling one woman show ‘Perseverance’ debuting at the legendary Proud Camden. ‘Glamazon’ Victoria Wilson James’ weaves together a poignant, humorous, and brutally honest exploration of her tumultuous journey and wild ride throughout her recording career.  She thoroughly examines every aspect of living life within the Theatre de l’absurd that is the music industry.

Abztrakt will enliven the human spirit and “Perseverance” is just that, expressed through the life story of an aspirational superstar!  Accompanied by live performances from the capital’s finest cabaret performers, pop artists creating live works of art, and DJ Dorothea keeping the vibe live by turning up the beats from over the decades – from house to show tunes to soundtracks,

Boasting stunning visuals and edgy direction of Omar F. Okai of the acclaimed Okai Collier Company, this show creates a tour de force of a high octane roller-coaster ride for all your senses!

In addition to experiencing a dazzling show; your smell, taste and touch is stimulated by the delicious menu, (Chicken & Waffles anyone?) signature cocktails, handmade smoothies, and a luxurious selection of coffee and teas.

Abztrakt’s entertaining style, artists, dining and partying is a seamlessly unconventional way to spend a leisurely Sunday at Proud Camden located in the ever bustling Stables Market in Camden Town.   Upon entry, you will automatically be given an Abztrakt raffle ticket, whereby you might even leave with an original piece of art!  It is by far the most gorgeously abstract Sunday Brunch this side of the pond and it only launches ONCE!

With limited seating, book a table and get your tickets today!

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And Receive The Finale Song of “Perseverence” Before the release of the EP”

“Art above all else”...


Our Aim

Is to create an innovative hybrid of modern daytime clubbing, theatrics and an artsy experience with fantastic food and drinks that takes place in the amazing space that is       “Proud Cabaret Camden”


Okai Group, in association with Scott Houzet


A One Woman Show
Meet The Team

Omar Okai

Artistic Director & Host


Resident DJ


Concept by & ‘Diva in the Extreme’


Web&Mobile Brand Developer

Location: To Be Announced

Day Of Performance: To Be Announced 

Time: @ One O’Clock in the Afternoon


“ The signature dish of the event will be Chicken and Waffles, which has been made famous by LA eatery Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles and has been a port of call for more than 40 years and where famous faces can regularly be seen.”.

In addition to the signature dish, we will our food vendor will devise other interesting Brunch-y menu selections that will also cater for vegetarians and vegans.  Alongside a full bar Proud Cabaret will offer luxury coffees, teas (like Chai) and a juice and smoothies bar as a healthy alternative.

Ideally people will not only come for the amazing entertainment, but also for the tasty and unique menu, cocktails, juice/smoothies, coffees and teas that will be available.  It will be great to have a signature ABSTRAKT cocktail,  alongside a FREE bottomless cocktail between 1-2pm) Don’t Mis Out!

Club Abstrakt

The event will be a celebration of art across all genres.. SEATS ARE LIMITED..Call 020 7482 3867

limited seating, book a table and get your tickets today!

Club Abstrakt

Location:@ Proud Cabaret Camden

The Horse Stables

Chalk Farm Road NW1 8AH – London

Sundays – 1pm – 8pm  

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Abstrakt is a ‘Sunday Brunch’ event, whose philosophy is “Art above all else!”  Inspired by the entertaining atmosphere that is served up on a platter.

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