“Didn’t Your Mama Tell You That All That Glitters Ain’t Gold”

An orginal concept written by Victoria Wilson James & Omar Okai 

Directed by Omar Okai


Is it a play?…. Is it a cabaret show?…. Is it a music performance?….

A one woman show?

It is simply Victoria Wilson James doing what she does best. Weaving together a breathtaking audio, visual extravaganza, but this time set to a foreground of a sometimes poignant, often humorous and ultimately honest exploration of her travails throughout her recording career.

Taken from the title of her debut solo album, Perseverance traverses the genesis of her early years in the Midwestern heartland of the USA, right through to Europe “by way of Hollywood” and examines some of the not so pretty aspects of living life within the power driven, megalomania, that is the music industry.

From the ‘dreams that do come true’ of big record deals landed, to the nightmarish crash of record deals gone bust, this piece thoroughly explores the concept: “Take care in what you ask for – you might get it.”


Directed and co-produced by the brilliant Omar F. Okai, in association with the acclaimed Okai Collier Company, Perseverance is a hybrid portrayal and myriad reflection of the good, the bad, the ugly and the nigh on Théâtre de l’Absurd, of life as an artiste, within the frenzied, corporately driven music industry.

Okai’s passionate, edgy and often confrontational directorial, the show creates a tour de force of a high octane emotional roller-coaster ride, all set to glorious songs from Victoria’s expansive recordings catalogue.

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