It is no secret for those with ears to hear and eyes to see that our entire planet is on the precipice of great change.  Taking current events on board is a daunting process, for even the most seasoned of truth seekers, let alone those new to the often times jaw-dropping, paradigm shattering disclosures we’re being confronted with.  It all can be oh so overwhelming and can make us feel so utterly powerless

But within all of the confusion, lies a grand opportunity and moreover a divine clarion call to co-create events in favour of equality for all and becoming responsible stewards for the loving care of Gaia as well as for each other.

So this song is about focusing with all our might and all our collective energy – PRAY, MEDITATE AND ANCHOR UNIVERSAL LIGHT, to create the ultimate positive timeline outcome!

I most humbly give this as a gift to all who would hear, with the explicit INTENTION that it may assist in increasing the Light Resonance Unifying Field.

ALL TO LIGHT My Beloveds..